Location: Kinna, Sweden
Year: 2021
Developer: Marks kommun
Client: Skanska AB

Project managerAart Gigengack, +46 72-164 00 22

We have now finished our installation at Nya Lyckeskolan in Kinna. This newly built school, about an hour from Gothenburg, measures nearly 10 000 ㎡, can house 600 pupils, cost nearly 24 million euros to build, and comes with a fully-featured and equipped community theatre. We had the honor to supply and install the stage technology as well as the complete curtain coverings along with the associated track systems.
We installed 18 units of our modular FlexBeam system with 11-meter fly bars above the performance area. Above the auditorium, we installed a FlexBeam that can be moved horizontally to create multiple positions for lighting equipment to be placed. The auditorium track system is supplied with retractable cable reels to supply power and DMX data to the truss.
As the main curtain, we installed a motorized FlexRail curtain track with variable speed and positioning controlled via the dedicated fixed remote or via DMX control from the lighting console.
This project really shows the flexibility of the FlexBeam systems as the total installation time, including commissioning, was under 15 working days. Splitting the installation into different segments (commissioning, electrical and mechanical) made planning and executing the work really fast and efficient, keeping within the pre-set schedule.
We thank Skanska for the constructive cooperation and wish Lyckesskolan and the entire local community all the best with their soon to open new theatre (sometime in the fall of 2021).

Installed equipment

  • 18x fixed FlexBeam WLL 300kg
  • 1x traversable FlexBeam for lighting truss
  • 19x GIS LP500 chain hoist (2 speed)
  • 1x 20ch FlexControl system with touchscreen remote and 2 wall-mounted connection points
  • 1x motorized FlexRail system for main curtain
  • 1x hand-operated FlexRail system for backdrop curtain
  • 1x 3-phase retractable cable reel
  • 1x CAT6/DMX retractable cable reel
  • 1x set of softgoods
  • TAF Truss

(Picture credit: Skanska and PSRIG)