We are Priebe-ScanRig AB, PSRIG for short

A company located in the south and central parts of Sweden that plan, develop, manufacture, supply, install and maintain stage technology for the event and entertainment industry.

With almost 20 years of experience, ten employees and the business strategically based within the Scandinavian region, we offer a skilled project department and an expert sales department with a wide range of quality products.

Our qualified sales managers have the know-how to guide customers and provide optimal results. Using our select group of suppliers, we deliver premium quality equipment to professional rigging businesses and rental companies all over Europe.

We are a growing group of experienced rigging and stage technicians with special expertise in mechanical and electrical installation. We strive for safe and measured solutions of high quality and deliver first-class stage technological systems with premium textiles and solid mechanics.

We will happily take on your project within the Scandinavian region. Big or small, we will help you find a fully tailored and cost-effective solution. Ask our satisfied customers to hear about our strengths.

We look forward to working with you!

How we got here

Young veteran Kim Ekblad has worked for almost 20 years with stage and event technology in the entertainment industry. When he during 2015 came in contact with the Danish company Priebe Sceneteknik A/S, founded during the 1960s, they together decided to launch a Swedish subsidiary called Priebe Scenteknik AB in early 2016.

The Swedish offspring company quickly got momentum and grew steadily becoming one of the leading stage-tech companies in the Scandinavian market. During late 2017 the company parted way with the Danish parent company and became fully independent as Kim partnered up with fellow Dutch-Swedish entrepreneur Aart Gigengack.

Meanwhile, Aart had been working within the same line of business since 2012, building the well-established sales company Scan-Rig AB. The two companies had already been cooperating for some time complementing each other with their well-developed project and sales divisions respectively. Through a corporate merger, the two companies became one, Priebe-ScanRig AB (PSRIG), effective January 1st, 2019.

The year 2019 was quite hectic in terms of contracts and the company invested heavily to capitalize on the market potential. Some of the investments included: acquiring new competence to the team, doubling the size of the Norrköping facilities (with a larger testing area, showroom, warehouse, workshop and packing station with a new loading platform), additional new larger vehicles, a fresh new graphic profile, a comprehensive new web presence “PSRIG.com” and a new telephone exchange that gathered the communication paths.

Our vision for the future

With the market looking as strong and competitive as ever we look with foresight to the future.

Our overall business goal is to expand our sales export and grow our project division, becoming your go-to stage-tech supplier and maintainer, with a mission statement to supply excellent product quality and qualified installation services.

As 2020 grew closer we continued to grow and therefore needed even more space. Soon we got an offer from our landlord to move to even larger facilities around the corner from our previous location (while still keeping the same post address).

The new facilities were in fact so large that we, together with some industry partners within Norrköping, decided to start an industry collective called #CreativeIndustriesSweden. The collaborating companies share the same roof but have designated warehouse, workshop and office areas. The main companies we now share our stronghold with are:

  • PADAB (renting out sound, lighting, AV and stage equipment)
  • Rent a Tent (renting out tents, furniture and event products)
  • United Vision (offering expertise in music, tour and event production).

The collaboration means that we are now able to seamlessly collaborate on projects in-house and offer even more clients a total solution for all their entertainment needs.

With multiple new products in development, a lot of exiting projects booked, our new #CreativeIndustriesSweden collaboration and new competence acquired to the company; we meet the future stronger than ever.


Kim Ekblad

Project Manager / Co-owner

Cell +46 72 552 18 19
E-mail ke@psrig.com

Aart Gigengack

Sales Manager / Co-owner

Cell +46 72 164 00 22
E-mail ag@psrig.com

Mathias Fröjd

Division Manager

Cell +46 72 552 18 63
E-mail mf@psrig.com

Jimmy Sörman

Installation / Workshop

Cell +46 73 390 80 53
E-mail js@psrig.com

Jonas Gagner


Cell +46 73 239 33 63
E-mail jg@psrig.com

Mikael Hjerpe

Warehouse / Workshop

Office +46 10 211 50 50
E-mail mh@psrig.com

Joakim Siberg

Marketing /

Cell +46 70 562 38 50
E-mail jos@psrig.com

Nathalie Dahlin


Cell +46 73 600 88 86 
E-mail nd@psrig.com

Malin Lundblad

Finance Administration

E-mail ml@psrig.com