How we got here

Young veteran Kim Ekblad has worked with stage and event technology in the entertainment industry since the millennium started. When he in 2015 came in contact with the Danish company Priebe Sceneteknik A/S –founded during the 1960s— they together decided to launch a Swedish subsidiary called Priebe Scenteknik AB.

The Swedish offspring company quickly got momentum and grew steadily, becoming one of the leading stage-tech companies in the Scandinavian market. In late 2017 the company parted way with the Danish parent company and became fully independent as Kim partnered up with fellow Dutch-Swedish entrepreneur Aart Gigengack.

Meanwhile, Aart had been working within the same line of business since 2012, building the well-established sales company Scan-Rig AB. The two companies had already been cooperating for some time, complementing each other with their well-developed project and sales divisions respectively. Through a corporate merger, the two companies became one, Priebe-ScanRIG AB (PSRIG), effective January 1st, 2019.

2019 –  A year that flew by

The following year was quite hectic in terms of contracts, and the company invested heavily to capitalize on the market potential. Some of the investments included: acquiring new competence to the team, doubling the size of the Norrköping facilities (with a larger testing area, showroom, warehouse, workshop, and packing station with a new loading platform), additional new larger vehicles, a fresh new graphic profile, a comprehensive new web presence “” and a new telephone exchange that gathered the communication paths.

2020-2021 –  World turbulence but thankfully staying busy

What followed next during 2020 and 2021 was rough in general for the whole world, but our company managed to –somewhat unexpectedly– prosper during this period through our awesome project department. Many cultural establishments kept closed during this time, so we got to work renovating and supplying new upper and lower stage machinery as well as installing new seating solutions. We stayed really busy and even managed to move our home base again. Although it was just around the corner with the same address, we moved into an even larger premise with fresh and functional interiors, a lot more room, and excellent logistical opportunities. Not to forget, we got a lot more new colleagues by moving in with our friends and partners in the industry collective #CreativeIndustriesSweden.

2022-2023 – New harsh realities but steady growth and record numbers
As we thought life would return to normal post-pandemic, we were soon hit with new harsh realities — first, war in Europe and second, an economic recession. However, our industry was once again less affected than expected. Sales remained steady, we continued signing contracts for extensive new projects, and we worked as hard as ever. A genuine need for expansion led us to start recruiting new colleagues, and we were fortunate enough to find four experienced and highly competent individuals for our growing project department.
In June 2023, due to the unreliable and increasingly expensive rental market, the company chose to invest in commercial real estate. As a result, we relocated our headquarters to new modern facilities at Ridspögatan in Malmö.
Our hard work and strategic expansion paid off, as the company achieved an all-time high turnover and profit in 2023.

We are Priebe-ScanRIG AB, PSRIG for short

A company located in the south and central parts of Sweden that plan, develop, manufacture, supply, install and maintain stage and rigging technology for the  entertainment industry.

With almost 20 years of experience, ten employees and the business strategically based within the Scandinavian region, we offer a skilled project department and an expert sales department with a wide range of quality products. Products in categories such as lifting solutions, control systems, curtain tracks, load monitoring, cable management, rigging accessories, seating solutions, truss, mobile stages, screens, dance/event floors and curtains/acoustics.

Our qualified sales managers have the know-how to guide customers and provide optimal results. Using our select group of suppliers, we deliver premium quality equipment to professional rigging businesses and rental companies all over Europe.

We are a growing group of experienced rigging and stage technicians with special expertise in mechanical and electrical installation. We strive for safe and measured solutions of high quality and deliver first-class stage technological systems with premium textiles and solid mechanics.

We will happily take on your project within the Scandinavian region. Big or small, we will help you find a fully tailored and cost-effective solution. Ask our satisfied customers to hear about our strengths. So reach out, we look forward to working with you!

Our vision for the future

With the entertainment industry once again firing on all cylinders and the market –despite political unrest– seeming somewhat stable, we look with foresight to the future.

Our overall business goal is to expand our sales export and grow our project division, becoming your go-to stage-tech supplier and maintainer. Our mission statement is to supply excellent quality products together with qualified installation services.

Together with our friends and partners in the industry collective #CreativeIndustriesSweden, we share the same roof and Norrköping address but have our own designated warehouse, workshop, and office areas. The companies we proudly share our stronghold with are:

  • PADAB (renting out sound, lighting, AV, and stage equipment)
  • Rent a Tent (renting out tents, portable toilets, furniture, and event products)
  • United Vision (offering expertise in music, tour, and event production).

The collaboration means that we are able to collaborate on projects in-house seamlessly and offer even more clients a total solution for all their entertainment needs.

So with multiple new products in development, new exciting projects booked, our beloved #CreativeIndustriesSweden collaboration up and running, two sales offices, and newly hired competence acquired to the company – we meet the future stronger than ever.


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