Project News: A Wealth of Updates

Earlier this year, we shared the challenging yet inspiring journey of rebuilding our Norrköping operations. Our team’s unwavering dedication has not only restored our capabilities but propelled us into a period of unprecedented productivity and growth.

Now, with the past firmly behind us, we are charging ahead with a packed schedule of installations, production, assembly and shipments. Our ambitious 2024 agenda is a testament to our relentless pursuit of supplying excellence.

Below are some snapshots from the unloading at the ongoing projects at Dansens Hus in Stockholm and Växjö Konserthus.

A new seating solution for Dansens hus.
Heavy duty unloading.
Components ready for installation.
New overhead machinery for Växjö Konserthus.
Gentle loading through the glass partition.

Here’s a glimpse into what our marvelous project team will be doing throughout Sweden this year:

The Loop, Lund

March 2024

Our most extensive contract to date has been meticulously planned over the past 24 months. The installation will occur in multiple stages, primarily throughout 2024. This comprehensive project includes an array of overhead machinery with FlexBeam units, point lifts, and considerable cable management. Additionally, it will feature a motorized retractable seating platform with 350 seats, approximately 600 fixed and stackable chairs, podiums, acoustic screens, fabrics, curtain rails, and a motorized stage lift.

Växjö Konserthus

June 2024

We are proud to introduce a new overhead machinery comprising over 30 FlexBeam units, point lifts, and our proven FlexControl system. Additionally, complete sets of high quality stage fabrics will be provided. Notably, the Växjö project will mark the debut of our newly enhanced fly bar batten.

Dramaten/Kungliga Operan, Stockholm

June 2024

Following the delivery and successful implementation of our FlexBeam lifting solution to Dramaten’s large painting room, we are now honored to expand our contribution by installing additional FlexBeams in their new workshops.

Emigranten, Karlshamn

June 2024

This two-part project is now entering its final stage. We have already installed the overhead machinery with our FlexBeam units. Next, we will implement our wireless control system, FlexControl-WL, and commission the finished system.

Skövde Kulturhus

August 2024

In this project we are supplying a cutting-edge overhead machinery featuring zero fleet winches with a maximum load capacity of 300kg at a maximum speed of 0.8m/s. These precision-engineered winches are supplied by Alfa Systems, our esteemed Italian partners. TThe control system, provided by the reputable German supplier Unican, has been meticulously chosen for this project. We are thrilled to embark on the installation process with this thoughtfully curated combination.

Dansens hus, Stockholm

August 2024

Installation of a motorized retractable seating solution and a large fixed pipe grid.

Maximteatern, Stockholm

August 2024

A comprehensive installation of new overhead machinery, incorporating FlexBeam units, point lifts, our user-friendly FlexControl system, and a complete suite of fabrics and curtain rails.

Kalmar Kulturhus

September 2024

The installation will encompass new overhead machinery featuring our FlexBeam units, our FlexRail curtain rails, complete textile coverings, and fixed seating on tiered bleachers.

Kosta Multiarena

September 2024

Kosta’s new grand multi-arena is going be outfitted with a dedicated lifting machinery foundation. We are pleased to provide a network of point lifts integrated to run with our FlexControl system.

Luleå Energi Arena

October 2024

Another arena set to feature a PSRIG system installation. This project will include a system consisting of more than 20 point lifts with suspended truss grids, all managed by our FlexControl system.

Folkets hus, Stockholm

Q3 2024

This comprehensive project features point lifts, winches, and truss grids, all managed by our FlexControl system. The project will unfold in multiple phases, with the exact timeline still to be finalized.

The projects in numbers

As of the time of publication, we are planning on delivering the following to projects during the rest 2024:

  • 74 integrated FlexBeam units 
  • 66 point lifts 
  • 27 zero fleet winches 
  • complete wireless FlexControl-WL systems 
  • 2 retractable seating solutions accommodating 600 seats
  • 600 additional fixed/stackable chairs 
  • 300 meters of curtain rails 
  • 4 complete stage coverings

All things considered, 2024 is turning out to be a great year for PSRIG after all. We couldn’t be more excited about what’s to come.

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