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New Project: Hamburger Börs, Stockholm

A new Friday means a new exciting project! Our tradition of reporting on new projects [...]

Project Update: Balettakademien Göteborg

As we previously announced, we are installing a retractable grandstand and market-leading dance floors covering [...]

New Project: Åhaga, Borås

Finally, it’s Friday again! Time for some more project news. PSRIG is proud to announce [...]

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New Project: Nyköpings Arenor

We are once again spending the Friday afternoon celebrating another signed contract. This time the [...]

New Project: Balettakademien Göteborg

Once again, we celebrate the ending workweek by signing a contract for a new large [...]

New Project: The Loop, Lund

Lund is a city where PSRIG has some momentum right now. In addition to the [...]

Project Update: Lund City Hall

As we previously announced, we are installing auditorium chairs for the concert hall in Stadshallen, Lund. [...]

New Project: Folkets Hus, Trollhättan

PSRIG is going to Trollhättan, the city of Trolls. Known worldwide for its now, more [...]

New Project: Brantingsskolan, Uppsala

PSRIG has signed another agreement with Veidekke regarding delivering and installing a motorized retractable seating [...]

New Project: Lund City Hall

Lately, we at PSRIG have been quite busy with multiple projects surrounded by a lot [...]