PSRIG resilient despite severe warehouse fire

We at PSRIG, a leading stage mechanical and rigging supply company, are today announcing that despite suffering a devastating fire that completely destroyed our warehouse and workshop facilities, we remain steadfast in our commitment to our customers and partners.

The fire, which occurred on the night of March 7, caused significant damage to our infrastructure but thankfully did not cause any injuries. It is important to note that our Malmö headquarters remains fully operational, ensuring continuity in services and operations.

“We are deeply saddened by the loss caused by the fire, but our resolve remains unshaken,” said Aart Gigengack, CEO and co-owner of PSRIG. “Our team is working tirelessly to fulfill our commitments and deliveries, albeit with some temporary adjustments. We are already exploring options for new facilities and are in the process of acquiring new equipment and tools to expedite our recovery. Today, many clients, suppliers, and colleagues have reached out and offered their help and support – a fact for which we are very grateful.”

Despite the challenges posed by the fire, PSRIG reassures its customers, partners, and stakeholders that it remains dedicated to delivering high-quality products and services without compromise.

“While the road to recovery may be challenging, we are confident in our ability to overcome this setback,” added the other co-owner and COO, Kim Ekblad. “At PSRIG, we believe in resilience, and we won’t let any fire hold us back.”

For more information or other inquiries, contact Joakim Siberg, public relations, at +46 70-562 38 50  or

Picture credit: Niklas Luks ( – local media coverage) and PSRIG

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