New Project: Hamburger Börs, Stockholm

A new Friday means a new exciting project! Our tradition of reporting on new projects every Friday continues. This week we have the great pleasure to tell you about a newly signed agreement regarding the installation of new lifting technology at the historic Hamburger Börs in Stockholm.

A little history

Everyone has heard the name, many have been there and many have seen their high-class shows. Hamburger Börs is a legendary staple in Stockholm’s cultural history with a legacy that stretches back more than 200 years.

It was as early as back in 1654 that Henrik Hamburg, a German-born clockmaker, opened a neighborhood tavern he called Hamburger Börs – while hanging the old town hall sign from his hometown of Hamburg above the door. The tavern soon became quite popular. It even became the customary place where those condemned to the death penalty in the 18th century were taken for the last supper before their execution at Skanskvarn.

After many twists and turns, new ownerships, address changes, a demolition, and reconstruction with old furnishings, the tavern finally – in 1975 – ended up in it’s current location at Jakobsgatan in Norrmalm.

It was at Hamburger Börs that the pub cabaret had its heyday in Sweden during the 60s – with countless popular Swedish artists and songwriters performing. Not to mention the multitude of distinguished guest performances by major international artists during the 70s and 80s. During the 90s there were spectacularly glamourous drag shows that drew full houses, while the 00s offered regular big comedy shows (that were even televised).

And now, with the installation of new lifting technology above the stage, Hamburger Börs will be able to continue to develop and remain a modern and innovative venue for festive events and all kinds of entertainment.

PSRIG’s part

The new system will include 18 point lifts with GIS LP500 D8+ hoists equipped with encoders for positioning as well as load sensors that monitor the load in real time. Everything is controlled and monitored via our proprietary control system FlexControl.

The project also includes a number of black-painted HT34 trusses from TAF that can be assembled into different formations to suit the needs of each show.

A lot of people ask us how we can deliver new systems so quickly with today’s extended delivery times and this constant shortage of materials. Project manager Kim Ekblad explains:

“It is one of the strenghts of the PSRIG team, how we continuously evaluate and speculate about the future needs of the market – something that then forms the basis for investments and stock purchases.

To get the opportunity to provide a new and modern lifting system to such a long-standing stage warms our cultural hearts. We know that the upgrade will facilitate the technicians’ daily work and, above all, significantly increase the safety of stage-related work. “

Kim Ekblad, chief project manager PSRIG

The project is now handed over to our project group and the responsible manager Mathias Fröjd. The work is expected to start during the summer and should be completed by the end of August.

Project manager: Mathias Fröjd, +46 72-552 18 63

(picture credit: Hamburger Börs)

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