New Project: Skövde Kulturhus

Sweden today begins to shut down ahead of this weekend’s Midsummer festivities. But before PSRIG closes shop for the weekend, we have the pleasure of presenting some exciting news about another big project. During the week, we signed an agreement with Skövde municipality regarding a turnkey contract for a new complete overhead machinery for Skövde Kulturhus.

So while many Swedes will be dancing around the phallic maypole tomorrow to songs about “small frogs” and “the priest’s little crow,” PSRIG will think about and plan for this upcoming major undertaking.

The new lifting solution will include 28 Zero-fleet winches designed to handle a maximum load of 300 kg and lifting speeds of 0.8 meters per second. These winches are expertly manufactured by our trusted Italian partner, Alfa Systems, and are sure to meet all of the client’s lifting needs.

As a complement to the winches, we will also install three chain hoist-based FlexBeams of our own design, which together will form the mechanical base for the overhead machinery. 

An advanced control system from German manufacturer Unican will control the whole lifting machinery. The system offers advanced programming with cues for different shows and scenarios, 3D viewing, and built-in power redundancy.

Both Alfa Systems and Unican will be part of our project team and participate in the installation.

“We feel very fortunate to keep getting entrusted with large projects like these. This new advanced super machinery will not only raise the bar for PSRIG but also benefit our collaboration with our partners at Alfa Systems and Unican. It will strengthen our already well-functioning partnership and build even stronger ties between the companies. We are looking forward to next summer in Skövde.”

Kim Ekblad, chief operating officer PSRIG

The project, bound to be PSRIG’s largest to date, starts immediately with the planning phase. The installation will be carried out during the summer of 2024.

Project manager: Kim Ekblad, +46 72-552 18 19

(picture credit: Skövde kommun, Alfa Systems & Unican)

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