Location: Älmhult, Sweden
Year: 2020

Project manager: Aart Gigengack, +46 72-164 00 22

PSRIG was chosen to deliver and install a new lifting and control system for the renovated Folkets Hus in Älmhult. This working-class community center hosts different musical arrangements, a cinema operation, and is often being rented out to third parties.

The project came to include replacing the old fly bar system with our FlexBeam solution coupled with a wireless FlexControl system. We also supplied a motorized PA hoist system and a new motorized front truss paired with spring-driven cable reels. The whole installation was tested and verified with the help of Bluetooth load cell shackles from Broadweigh.

Used products

  • 2+2 fixed LPM250 D8+ chain hoists from #GIS suspended on custom wall mount brackets (for the PA system and the lighting equipment on the front truss)
  • 3 #FlexBeam modular stage hoist systems equipped with chain hoists from #GIS and controlled by our wireless #FlexControl system
  • Black truss from #TAF
  • Bluetooth load cell shackles (load monitoring equipment) from #Broadweigh
  • Spring-driven cable drums