The finished stage
The finished ceiling with acoustic elements
The installed lifting system in the ceiling
A close-up of the FlexPile wire winches
The controller for FlexControl lifting system

Location: Askersund, Sweden
Year: 2016
Developer: Askersunds kommun
Client: PEAB Sverige AB

Project managerKim Ekblad, +46 72-552 18 19

A comprehensive project involving manufacturing, delivery, and installation of a complete stage-tech solution for the newly build Kunskaps- och kulturcentrum Sjöängen in Askersund.

Their impressive new stage lifting system now consists of 25  FlexPile wire winches with appurtenant wires, pipes, and pulleys. Everything is controlled via our own FlexControl system that gives the user a full overview.

Furthermore, we delivered and installed complete textile coverage around the stage, new podiums, portable dance floors with designated storage carts, a large projection screen, and several motorized FlexRoll blinds and reflectors (both hanging and standing) for acoustic uses.

The end result was very successful and well-received. Askersund kommun was even praised as the “community builder of the year” in 2017 for the KKC Sjöängen project.

Used products

  • FlexControl
  • FlexFurl
  • FlexPile
  • FlexRoll
  • TAF HT44

Testimonial from the client (2016-09-08)

“From the very first meeting, we had the pleasure to deal with a very committed entrepreneur. The quotes have been clear and the project management is dedicated to innovative solutions. Always within agreed-upon time schedules and costs. Simply put, we give Priebe the highest mark.”

Henrik Bjöör / PEAB Sverige AB