Location: Kiruna, Sweden
Year: March 2020- March 2021
DeveloperPEAB Sverige AB
Client: Kiruna kommun

Project managerKim Ekblad, +46 72-552 18 19

We are very proud of having supplied the stage technology for the beautiful new culture house Aurora in Kiruna. The project has been PSRIG’s largest undertaking since the company’s inception and lasted, in multiple stages, for a full year.

The basic contract included complete delivery and installation of the stage technology for three halls. A total of 84 lifting systems, 5 control systems, a large number of curtains, rail systems, acoustic reflectors, and auxiliary furnishings (platforms, seating solutions, and such) were used.

Divided by halls, the project included:

Hall One

  • 6 motorized #FlexBeam modular flybar hoist systems
  • 20 point lift chain hoists from #GIS
  • 3 control systems with load handling from #SRSrigging
  • #FlexRail curtain rails with fabrics
  • HT44 and HT34 truss from #TAF
  • 10 cable drums for lighting power

Hall Two

  • 33 #FlexBeam modular flybar hoist systems
  • 7 point lift chain hoists from #GIS
  • A 40 channel, 2-speed control system from #SRSrigging
  • Motorized #FlexRail curtain rails for the main curtain
  • Complete stage coverings with associated manual #FlexRail curtain rails
  • 31 acoustic ceiling reflectors with adjustable angles
  • HT34 truss from #TAF

Hall Three

  • 18 point lift chain hoists from #GIS mounted on movable beam trolleys
  • An 18 channel control system from #SRSrigging
  • HT34 truss from #TAF
  • Complete stage coverings with associated manual #FlexRail curtain rails
  • 7 cable drums for lighting power

Additional order 1:
In Hall Three, we were commissioned to deliver and install a motorized telescopic retractable stand (model “TX”) with 130 chairs of model “Espace 628” from #AudienceSystems

Additional order 2:
By the end of the project, we were tasked with delivering and installing a motorized stage lift in Hall Two to transport materials between the stage and the stage basement. The table lift was designed together with #AlfaSystems to lift payloads of approximately 200 kg up 3,3 meters through the stage floor. The lift also came with motorized floor hatches and was designed to be able to handle large point loads. The system was pre-assembled in the workshop and sent in modules to speed up the installation.

The project has been inspected and approved, but the final delivery to the customer will take place a little later in the year.