Location: Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE), the Netherlands
Year: 2018
Developer: Unlimited Productions
ClientUnlimited Productions

Project managerKim Ekblad, +46 72-552 18 19

Through Scan-Rig’s contacts we were commissioned with constructing 30 telescopic lift fixtures for moving heads to be used during concerts. Within 6 weeks we made a prototype, put it to the test and then built 29 more in our own workshop before delivering them ourselves to the Netherlands.

The telescopic lift fixtures consist of 4 pieces of 2.0m long profiles which, in the extended position, gives a lift height of 7.5m. The solution is designed to guide the lighting equipment up and down while eliminating any pendular or rotational tendencies. The project was commissioned by Unlimited Productions and premiered at Amsterdam Dance Event on the 20th October 2018. The solution is now available through their rent inventory.

We had a blast contributing to this project and the finished effect was truly striking. For more info see this article.

Used products

  • 30 custom telescopic lift fixtures