The story of the FlexScope project

During the end of August 2018 we were contacted by our partners at Unlimited Productions in the Netherlands. They had a vision for an upcoming project and were looking to source a telescopic product but could not find any viable solutions available on the market.

Aart Gigengack from PSRIG sat down with Bart Roelen, Gerrit de Beuze and Bert Kelchtermans from Unlimited Productions for a session of discussion and brainstorming. Soon we had a blue print for what they needed and ideas on how we would do it.

The development
PSRIG then had to solve a particular stage mechanical condition. The show director wanted to be able to lower the fixation point of their lighting equipment without any unwanted movement and while keeping the aesthetic. They needed us to construct a sleek fixture to guide and stabilize objects from any pendular or rotational movement, while being hoisted up and down 5,5 metres. The solution became a telescopic lift fixture capable of stabilizing objects weighing up to 100kg (depending on the used hoist motor).

Starting with durable aluminium profiles in different sizes, we used 4 pieces each 200 centimeters long but of gradually diminishing dimensions made to run within each other, creating the telescopic effect. With the use of custom fittings and adjustable brackets (making the FlexScope suitable for all truss types) we were able to guide the payload up and down 530cm without allowing any unwanted motion like bobbing, swinging or rocking. By using a separate cable guiding system power and data is provided.

The product was designed, manufactured and tested under great time pressure. In just 6 weeks a prototype was built, tested for function/strength, evaluated and fine-tuned before building 29 more. In that time frame we also managed to deliver the finished products by driving to the Netherlands ourselves.

Right into the hot seat
The premiere for the new product was during Martin Garrix’s concert at Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE) in October 2018. The night was a success where the product delivered as expected and the desired effects were truly striking for the audience. The show director Gabe Fraboni called the product an “elegant way of bringing motion into our show […] allowing the light to exist within free space. Instead of it just hanging on a chain […] it now becomes a functional asset.”

Afterwards there has been a lot of industry buzz and interest about the product. PSRIG is now taking orders but the product is also made available under the name U-MotionST (Unlimited Motion Stabiliser) through Unlimited Solutions inventory.

Seeking innovative stage mechanical solutions? Don’t hesitate to consult us at PSRIG.

Photo credits: Unlimited Productions, PSRIG and Alive Coverage.

FlexScope – telescopic motion stabilizer

This versatile telescopic equipment allows you to guide objects up and down while stabilizing the motion and preventing tilting, panning or any other unwanted movement.

Standard configuration (custom lengths available, see picture)
Length retracted/extended: 220/750cm
Total profile travel: 530cm
Connection brackets: for 30-50cm truss
Weight: 63,4kg
Capacity: up to 100kg

Learn more by reading our brochure or watch the concert implementation from Martin Garrix: ANIMA @ Amsterdam RAI 2018.

  • Eliminates any rotational or pendular motion and gives you motion stabilization when lifting and lowering your payload of choice.
  • Creates great possibilities for transforming the venue and engineering striking effects while keeping a sleek look to your installation.
  • Can be used for a wide range of equipment like: screens, textiles, smoke machines, lighting or audio equipment etc. 
  • Dimensioned to work together with a variety of different hoists and control systems for payloads up to 100kg.
  • Easy to install and with a compact design for convenient transportation (can be packed in batches of 6 stabilizers per tour transport dolly, easily moved by forklift)
  • Made with durable aluminium and powder-coated black. Made for both in and outdoor use.
  • Ideal for temporary or semi-permanent installations.
  • Safe and reliable operation.
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