Location: Linköping, Sweden
Year: 2018
Developer: Lejonfastigheter
Client: HSB AB

Project manager: Kim Ekblad, +46 72-552 18 19

Linköping Konsert & Kongress, built in 1987, is a large facility with several concert venues, flexible exhibition venues, attractive conference venues and an award-winning restaurant. During 2017 they declared they were looking to upgrade their stage-tech. In tough competition our bid won the procurement and one of our largest and most prestigious projects was a fact. It was our presentation, dedication and suggested solutions that gave the customer confidence that we could deliver what they wanted within the tight time frame.

In just three and a half months the solutions were designed, adapted, tested and installed to be delivered as a turn-key system within the agreed time schedule. The projected came to include 27 FlexBeam modules, further developed with a fast-paced frequency-controlled machinery (motorized with GIS chain hoists), lifting flying bars and being controlled via our own, fully-programmable, FlexControl system with load monitoring and encoder management.

Used products

  • FlexBeam
  • FlexControl
  • GIS electrical chain hoists