Location: Malmö, Sweden
Year: 2019
Developer: Jernhusen Rallaren AB
Client: HENT AS

Project manager: Aart Gigengack, +46 72-164 00 22

We were contracted by Adam Koller at HENT AS, a project developing and contracting company. They needed help with installing a lifting solution in the large skylight column in the newly built Foajén – an office and business center in central Malmö. The lifting solution needed to raise and lower art pieces and elements for acoustic control within the skylight column. The solution had to be easy to operate for cleaning and maintenance purposes as well as give easy access when exchanging the art installations.

We installed two crossed FlexRail tracks at the top of the skylight with eight drops connected to a hand-cranked wire winch. A simple, durable and easy-to-use solution. The finished project gave us a clean industrial-looking installation as well as a pleased client.

Used products

  • FlexRail
  • Clewplate’s manual wire winches
  • Pulleys