Location: Uppsala, Sweden
Year: 2022
Developer: Veidekke
Client: Uppsala kommun

Project manager: Kim Ekblad, +46 72-552 18 19

As previously mentioned, PSRIG has been busy in Uppsala. We can now share the completed project as we handed over yet another telescopic grandstand to the soon-to-be-finished Brantingskolan in Uppsala.

The grandstand in question is the motorized version of the retractable TX platform from Audience Systems. This means that, with the push of a button, the whole structure retracts, and each seat folds automatically.

Our customer opted for the popular chair model Espace 628T – a comfortable, compact, and stylish chair perfect for this application. The seat works great regardless of whether it’s on a fixed or retractable platform and has properties that make it very versatile. Additionally, buyers can obtain the chair with various adaptations, such as at Brantingskolan’s auditorium, where we equipped each chair with integrated writing tables (hence the “T” in the model name). Custom colors for the metal structure were chosen in cooperation with the architect and are in a suitable tone of grey.

PSRIG would especially like to thank the developer Veidekke for their trust in us and for their excellent cooperation during the installation process.

  • A motorized retractable telescopic seating solution from Audience Systems (TX platform)
  • 187 seats with blue fabric (model Espace 628T)
  • Metal structure painted in custom grey color