Project Update: Lund City Hall

As we previously announced, we are installing auditorium chairs for the concert hall in Stadshallen, Lund. However, since we made this announcement, Byggnadsfirman Otto Magnusson AB got back in touch, and the project has grown larger.

PSRIG’s part

In addition to the already agreed upon 369 seats, we will now install 81 more seats up on the balcony of the concert hall. This makes for a total order of 450 seats and we couldn’t be happier to oblige.

An older picture of Anshelmhallen in Lund City Hall.

As mentioned the luxurious Espace 628 CC seat variation gives users extra comfort with higher backrests, carved wooden armrests, and more plush seat cushions. Now also at a little more elevated position. 😉

Example of a previous Espace 628 CC installation.

Delivery and installation are scheduled for the end of June 2022.

Project managerKim Ekblad, +46 72-552 18 19

(picture credit: Thobias Ligneman, Lunds kommun)

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