New Project: Folkets Hus, Trollhättan

PSRIG is going to Trollhättan, the city of Trolls. Known worldwide for its now, more or less, defunct car manufacturer SAAB. 💔 🙁

More specifically, we are going there to deliver a new set of auditorium chairs for their Folkets Hus, or rather Folkets Hus Kulturhuset as it’s formally called.

PSRIG’s part

It was not long after we announced that we are expanding our range of auditorium chairs (with models from Forum by Nowy Styl), that we heard from the lovely people at Folkets Hus in Trollhättan. They were interested in our products and specifically in our auditorium seat MIA:

The description reads “this modern wooden armchair is light in form, yet very comfortable. It sits elegantly on a steel leg and is specifically designed for concert halls with its excellent acoustic properties“. A great choice if you ask us and a wonderful addition to their premise!

Delivery is planned for the end of April.

Project manager: Kim Ekblad, +46 72-552 18 19

PS. We have seen the interest in quality seating solutions grow for quite some time. And we’re more than happy to supply and install these products for satisfied customers all over Scandinavia. So go check out our range of seating solutions.

(Picture credit: Folkets Hus Kulturhuset Trollhättan, Nowy Styl)

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