skolan, Uppsala

We helped equip this soon-to-be-finished school with a motorized retractable seating solution. [...]

Skärborgarnas hus, Trosa

We delivered and installed a retractable seating solution for the renovated Skärborgarnas hus. [...]

Kulturhuset Aurora, Kiruna

We helped equip the culture house being built in the new city center of Kiruna. [...]

Sparbanken Black Box, Vara

We are proud to have helped equip the newly built extension to Vara konserthus. [...]

Folkparkens kulturhus, Lund

We helped with installing a seating solution in this newly renovated cultural center. [...]

Kulturhuset Najaden, Halmstad

We helped equip the newly renovated cultural center with a lifting solution, a flexible control [...]

Academy of Music and Business, Vara

We helped the school equip their auditorium with a lifting, control and seating solution as [...]