skolan, Uppsala

We helped equip this soon-to-be-finished school with a motorized retractable seating solution.

Skärborgarnas hus, Trosa

We delivered and installed a retractable seating solution for the renovated Skärborgarnas hus.

Kulturhuset Aurora, Kiruna

We helped equip the culture house being built in the new city center of Kiruna.

Sparbanken Black Box, Vara

We are proud to have helped equip the newly built extension to Vara konserthus.

Folkparkens kulturhus, Lund

We helped with installing a seating solution in this newly renovated cultural center.

Kulturhuset Najaden, Halmstad

We helped equip the newly renovated cultural center with a lifting solution, a flexible control [...]

Academy of Music and Business, Vara

We helped the school equip their auditorium with a lifting, control and seating solution as [...]