Location: Göteborg, Sweden
Year: 2016
Developer: –
Client: Backa Teater

Project managerKim Ekblad, +46 72-552 18 19

In the main rehearsal area of the Backa theatre there was a need for a flexible lifting system to be able to carry out all the different rehearsal performances. Priebe Scan-Rig was trusted to realize the idea of a moveable lifting system based on our own FlexBeam solution. The new system had already successfully been tested in our own facilities.

7 of our 12m FlexBeam modules were mounted on manual beam carts that allow movement throughout the hall length. The FlexBeams were equipped with GIS chain hoists with a maximum payload of 500kg per module. Everything is rigged to be controlled by our own FlexControl system.

Used products

  • FlexBeam
  • FlexControl
  • GIS LP500 chain hoists