Behind the scenes at PSRIG Norrköping

We had time for a little photo session at PSRIG Norrköping this Friday afternoon. So here’s a sneak peek behind the scenes at Malmgatan and part of our workday.

Since we recently upgraded our vehicle fleet with some new models, we took the opportunity to photograph the ensemble neatly lined up with their shiny new vinyl wraps glistening in the autumn sun.

It was up to Kim (+Illu 🐕), Jocke, and Jonas to hold down the fort as the others – Jimmy and Micke – were away on installation assignment in Västervik.

And then, of course, we send (somewhat jealous) greetings to Nathalie and Mathias who are both on their way to Greece – albeit to different destinations – for some well-deserved vacation time.

Enjoy the pictures, and we hope you all have a lovely weekend!

UPDATE       2022-11-03: Added some photos of those who were away on Friday!



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