Benefits of the latest generation of LP hoists

In early 2017 GIS Swiss Lifting Solutions introduced their new generation of hoists for the entertainment industry. Firstly they released the LP250 and LP500 and they immediately made a huge impact on the industry and became very popular. During the end of of the year they complemented their line up by releasing the all-new LP1000 which replaces the former LCH1000. The company has managed to increase the lifting capacity by up to 60% (giving 1600 kg in FEM 1Bm, ISO M3) compared to the previous model LCH1600 D8.

Like previous models the updated generation offers quiet operation, low self-weight, robust modular construction and the new generation of profile chains.

More features

  • a newly developed, stronger and more corrosion resistant chain (matte black color as standard)
  • new chain control both horizontally and vertically, which reduces the risk of chain damage
  • the fully enclosed transmission in combination with the new chain and oblique gears gives a more quiet operation
  • a new service-friendly modular design
  • the shaft is pre-prepared for mounting of a double brake feature
  • high quality KLT paint
  • a new hook with a more secure locking mechanism and reduced weight
  • IP65 classified with drain holes as standard
  • Low build height and a very low self-weight of 45 kg (70 kg with 18 m lift height in D8+)
  • Load sensor integrated for a reduced build height (encoder on sprocket and/or the motorshaft)

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