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During the end of 2018, work began on creating a new common graphic profile and web presence for the newly formed company Priebe-ScanRig AB under the domain PSRIG.com. The starting point was to create a strong visual affinity and a mission to present the company, products and services in a simple and appealing way that everyone can absorb.

The logotype and colour scheme was created by combining graphic elements from the respective companies’ previous profiles and by incorporating visual references to mechanics, movement and interconnection.

Early on, the decision was made to focus on information in English to reach a broader clientele and clarify the continued intentions to expand on the European market.

The products are presented in detail in our steadily growing online catalog, but trades are still quotation-based and managed via the traditional sales channels to ensure our trademark tailor-made, functional and optimal solutions.

The multifaceted projects are presented with a lot of pictures and short descriptive texts along with testimonials from our satisfied customers.

The service offerings are presented structured and pedagogically, where customers are encouraged to make contact early on in order to benefit from the company’s extensive experience and expertise through all of the projects phases.

The website is seen as an ever-evolving project. New products, case studies and news will be added  continuously. Should you, the visitor, come across something that is unclear, obviously incorrect or misleading, we are very grateful for your feedback to info@psrig.com.

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