Product News: Rigging Hoists from CHAINMASTER

With the help of our dear partners GIS and some of the best all-around electric chain hoists on the market, our project and installation department is a growing success story and a leading supplier in the Scandinavian market. 

We now take the next step and welcome the supplier of one of the best rigging hoists on the market – welcome CHAINMASTER

Everyone who works with rental and event rigging knows the brand well; it’s considered one of, if not the most trusted in the rental rigging business. With the rigging hoists from CHAINMASTER, we complete our chain hoist assortment and can now satisfy even more of our clients’ needs. 

We will stock and sell three different ready-to-use packages:

The owners of PSRIG, Aart Gigengack and Kim Ekblad, express great optimism about this news and delight in achieving an excellent solution for both the installation and sales departments. To be able to offer the respective market-leading brands from each company branch gives us a golden opportunity to grow our business even more. 

It will also lead to beneficial synergies with other products in our catalog, such as compatibility with the control systems from SRS Rigging and our wide range of rigging accessories, etc.

We would also like to thank our friends at Soundforce Linköping for the nice order of 24 CHAINMASTER D8Plus Ultra 1000kg that we just delivered to them.

But no need to worry. We have more hoists in stock:

To learn more, contact our sales manager or email us at

Sales manager: Aart Gigengack, +46 72-164 00 22

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