Location: Gothenburg, Sweden
Year: 2021
Developer: Primetec Sweden AB
Client: Primetec Sweden AB

Project manager: Kim Ekblad, +46 72-552 18 19

PSRIG was chosen by our partners at the production company Primetec to supply two large studios with our proven lifting solutions. The two studios, separated by a foldable wall, were being built by a (here unnamed) corporation in Gothenburg and needed to provide 500kg lifting capacity, flexibility, and ease of use.

The larger “Studio 1” was equipped with 35 fixed GIS LP500 chain hoists suspending three large and two smaller truss structures. The smaller “Studio 2” was equipped with 14 point hoists of the same model and capacity. All hoists came with load monitoring, positioning, and absolute encoders. Everything is then controlled by two rack cabinets with our modular FlexControl system. The system can be linked together to achieve the correct number of channels and configurations, including load monitoring and encoder management. The larger “Studio 1” uses a 21-inch touch panel while “Studio 2” uses our smaller standard control. Furthermore, we supplied a cable management solution for the above-mentioned lifting solution by installing two CAB-10 and three CAB-30 cable guides.

This exciting and challenging project was finished by our in-house electrician, Jonas, our CAD specialist, Mathias, and our highly experienced installation crew, Gerrit and Edwin (normally based in the Netherlands). One of our main hurdles was the short time frame from order to turnkey delivery as well as the comprehensive secrecy surrounding the project. But the end result sure turned out great!

  • #TAF truss #FT34 powder-coated black
  • A total of 49 #LP500 chain hoists from #GIS
  • Two rack-based #FlexControl systems with positioning and load monitoring complete with a 21-inch touch screen and a standard controller.
  • 49 #softsteels for truss suspension
  • 49 #shackles 3,25t
  • 3 cable guides #CAB-30
  • 2 cable guides #CAB-10